Pastoral workers

Our pastoral workers are ready for you!

In addition to education and encouragement from the Word of God, we are also there to help you within this vision and frameworks. For example, we like to pray together for your need, but we also want to offer you a listening ear and where we can give you spiritual direction: pastoral care.

We do this with our pastoral team. This team consists of people with a heart to help others. They are also specially trained for this and we do everything we can to handle your data and information confidentially and with integrity. These teams are represented at all Living Stone Ministries locations and fall under the direct leadership of Apostle Holder and Pastor Irma

If necessary, we can put you in touch with our social work team and/or care team (children, education and family).

We are there for you in difficult moments, but we also like to celebrate the beautiful moments with you! You can also contact our regional leaders for: relationships, marriages, engagements, pregnancy/birth, dedication of children and baptisms.

How does our pastorate work?

Members of Living Stone Ministries are entitled to spiritual care. And in order to offer that care properly, we have divided the range (members' places of residence) into regions.

Is a member visiting a campus? Then they can contact the local pastoral team.

For members of the Spijkenisse location, there are five regions depending on their place of residence (postal code). Check here in which region you live and who you can contact!

Even after a meeting in the Dome (Spijkenisse location), there are always regional leaders and pastoral workers present to receive you.

You can find them in the Main Hall, at the front of the platform or in the I AM NEW corner in the Foyer on the ground floor. They are recognizable by their badge.

Of course you can also get acquainted or contact them for prayer / encouragement.

For emergencies, our regional leaders can be reached by telephone.

Pastorale regioleiders