Building Together

Living Stone Ministries is building the Kingdom of God! We do this in various ways with the ultimate goal of reaching people with the Gospel and helping them develop their identity in it. This is because everyone has the potential to demonstrate God's power and to reach that potential there are different needs.

Therefore, it is important for us to be active in several areas. Living Stone Ministries invests in:

  • Training members to eventually help build in the Kingdom of God
  • Locations where people can come together to be encouraged and trained. Meeting places are also important to connect
  • Evangelism through national and international television broadcasts
  • Supporting charities
  • (Financial) support to the less fortunate and needy through our pastorate
  • Networking; congregations worldwide

Support comes in many different forms, and everyone does this in his or her own way. For example, a person may choose to support financially so that Living Stone Ministries can realize and maintain its vision and goals. Because of all the stones contributed, we are able to reach thousands of people weekly with the Good News, among other things. But not only that. Every month, Living Stone Ministries also supports children's homes and social initiatives around the world.

You can transfer an amount to us once or periodically (standing order):

  • By selecting an amount below and following the steps
  • By downloading/opening the GIVT app and using the app to transfer an amount to us.
  • By scanning the QR code and making an anonymous donation.
  • By using the bank details below and making a donation through your own bank

Please note that your donation, if you are not known in our accounting system, the anonymous donation and independent transfer cannot be included in your annual statement of Living Stone Ministries.

Make a donationScan the QR code with your camera and make a donation of your choice.

Caution: we will not send you a receipt and this will not be tax deductible.
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Building is not only done with money, but also with your time, talents and helping hands. To build the Kingdom, we desperately need you. That is why we are always looking for the person who shares our vision and wants to strengthen us. Living Stone Ministries offers you the space, opportunity and training to dedicate yourself within the Kingdom of God. But we also like to look together with you further into the call on your life and how we can give meaning to this together.

Will you build with us? Check through our site KINGDOM BUILDERS where we can use your help!